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9 Ways to Socialize Without Drugs or Alcohol

Oct 12, 2017 | Relationships, Sobriety

Socializing may seem impossible without the help of drugs and alcohol to loosen you up. Getting back into the social game can get easier over time with the help of a few simple tips.

Be friendly.

In this day and age people are really skeptical about what others want from them. Be impartial in the way you look at people and be nice to them. Being friendly goes a long way in how people interact with you.

Engage people with things you know.

You are unique and have your own experiences. Share them from your perspective. People generally like to learn new things. Pull out your experience, strength, and hope and share it.

Crack a joke.

People really like humor. Try out your comedic side and tell a joke that will crack people up. If you amuse people and make them laugh, they will remember you.

How many addicts does it take to change a light bulb? Only one. The addict holds the bulb and the rest of the world revolves around them!

Practice Rule 62.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously.” (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 149, Tradition 4) Have a breezy demeanor when you’re socializing. People will like to be around you if you are easygoing and lighthearted. People will tend to trust you if you are laid back and humble.

Aim for respect instead of validation.

It is a normal human trait to try to gain approval from others. When trying to people please, it becomes apparent that your motive is to seek affirmation rather than esteem. Trying to gain respect from others shows you respect yourself.

Look people in the eyes.

People appreciate when you look them in eyes. Eye contact is a great way to show people you are interested in what they are saying. Starting eye contact in social settings can also help implement it in professional and personal atmospheres.

Tell the truth.

Nobody likes a liar or an over-embellisher. It has been proven that honesty is the best policy. Stick to what you know.


People want to be heard and want to tell their story. Listen to what they have to say without interrupting. You should also be paying attention to what they are saying instead of thinking of your next profound statement. Listening is a lost art that people will cherish.

Be approachable.

Even if you are bashful or reserved, opening yourself up to others is a great way to be of service. You may not have all the answers or even the words to have a conversation, but being sincere when people engage you makes everyone feel more comfortable.

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