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8 Things You Need on Your Recovery Checklist

Apr 4, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Certainly, there are things that make a difference in a person’s life when they have an agenda on how to make a situation go more smoothly. You may see someone in the grocery store carry a list because it is such a pain to get home, realize that you forgot something important, and must turn around to go get the item that you need. The same is with recovery. There are so many different elements that make recovery successful and using a checklist to remind you might make the difference in keeping you sober.

Remember your past

Although you do not want to dwell on the past, a healthy reminder of what it used to be like should be intentional to keep you from wanting to return there in any capacity.

Get in the middle

People that have problems with addiction generally feel like outcasts because of their different lifestyle. If you let yourself be in the center of the group, you will reap the rewards of support that you may not have experienced before.

Read recovery literature

Letting yourself seek knowledge about why you are addicted and how your addiction works, will get you into a place of awareness in your recovery.

Find a Higher Power

Getting into your spiritual side can give you freedom, peace, and serenity by using the actions of prayer, meditation, and living with a moral compass.

Be transparent

Share to your group in a honest way and let them get to know you. Not only will you transform into a candid person, but you will also help someone else that may be going through what you are going through to not feel so afraid.

Suite up and show up

You probably isolated in many ways during your addiction. Do something different in recovery like doing what you say you are going to do which will help you to get totally connected with others.

Do acts of service

One of the most important elements of recovery is that you do not have to do this alone. You probably had people reach out to you, so reach back and give away what was so freely given to you.

Be grateful

Write a list of 5-10 things that you are grateful for every day. Try to mix them up and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with to stay indebted for you have acquired in your recovery.

Use your recovery checklist to keep you current in what you need to do to stay sober. You will be thankful that you get to have this beautiful life you worked for in recovery.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center wants to help you work your recovery checklist in early sobriety. Our well-trained staff can show you how to implement 12-Step aspects and holistic therapy into recovery that will compliment your recovery for long-term results.

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