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7 Types of 12-Step Meetings

Nov 10, 2017 | Recovery, Treatment

12-Step programs have been a mainstay of recovery. Programs like AA, NA, or OA have helped addicts to become connected to other addicts by the way of meetings. These programs have grown with a diversity of people and a diversity of meetings that can be attended.

Open Meeting

Anybody can come to an open meeting, but only addicts are able to share during these meetings. They are designed so that people can support their loved ones who may not otherwise come by themselves, for educating someone that needs information about an addiction, or for someone who does not consider themselves an addict getting a court card signed.

Closed Meeting

Only people that qualify themselves as addicts are able to join these meetings. The point is to protect the anonymity of people which may affect their standing publicly, personally, or professionally with the details of their addiction.

Discussion Meeting

This meeting is the most common meeting of all the meetings. Addicts can share whatever they need to talk about to keep them sober or share in general way what it was like and what it is like now. These types of meetings are useful to help people struggling with addiction feel like they are in the right place.

Speaker Meeting

An addict is asked to share their addiction and recovery story in front of a group of addicts in attempt to try to help them relate to their own addiction and recovery. There are various lengths of time that the addict is asked to share from 10 minutes to an hour depending on what the meeting’s format dictates.

Step Study Meeting

Meetings are designed to study the Steps of the program on a weekly or monthly basis. Getting familiarized with the Steps is important to gaining 12-Step program recovery growth.

Traditions Meeting

The moral compass of a 12-Step program is based off their Traditions. In efforts to stay scrupulously decent, the Traditions were put into place to keep the fellowship intact without corruption. This type of meeting is keep members educated on why their program has lasted all these years.

Newcomer Meeting

Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a newcomer to come to a meeting and hear all the things they must do to stay sober. Newcomer meetings are meant to keep recovery light-hearted and on simpler terms to get the newcomer’s feet wet.

There are many kinds of meetings that can accommodate any addict in their journey of recovery. All that is needed to get to the meeting that appeals to you the most is a little willingness.

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