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6 Tips to Prevent Relapse

Dec 15, 2017 | Recovery, Treatment

You will hear in 12-Step programs that relapse is a part of recovery. Relapse certainly does not have to be a part of recovery, if you are able to implement a few recovery tools into your program.

Practice using your recovery tools.

Schools practice the method of having fire drills to prevent injuries and fatalities. You should use the same philosophy with your own recovery. Do not wait until it is too late to try out the recovery tools that others who have successfully stayed sober before you have used. Practicing using your recovery tools can save your life.

Get to a meeting.

12-Step meetings offer a support to like-minded people that want to stay sober. You will not stay sober through osmosis, although you tend to think and act like the people you surround yourself with regularly. Aligning yourself with sober people in recovery can show you what to do in a pinch.


Meditation gets a bad rap because many people are afraid of what they think meditation really is. The truth about meditation is that it can be anything you want it to be to get you to free up the thoughts in your head. Walking outside in nature, mindfulness, yoga, or whatever helps you reach serenity will work. This type of practice can also get you closer to your Higher Power to help you build faith in your recovery.

Be of service.

It does not matter if you have one day of sobriety or 40 years of sobriety. There is always a way to put your hand out to someone who needs it. Service helps you stop thinking about yourself and focus on someone else in need.

Do step work.

Working the 12 Steps is a freeing experience that should not be missed if you want to stay sober. You may think that it is too much work. The reality is it is not any more work than what your addiction had you doing to get you to your lowest point. The rule of thumb is to put as much effort into your recovery as you put into your addiction.

Call your sponsor.

If you do not already have a sponsor than you should get one. Having the support of someone else that knows what you are going through is priceless. When you are feeling like drinking or using, picking up the phone and telling someone what you are about to do can keep you from throwing away all the efforts you have already put into sobriety and have to start over.

Recovery can be tough at times to navigate, such as life. Putting together a plan of action to use during these low times, can keep you from going backwards and moving forward to live to the life you were meant to live sober.

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