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6 Things That are Keeping You from Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment

Apr 11, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

To receive spiritual guidance, one does not necessarily need to be part of any religious organization. Spirituality is your connection to your Higher Power that connects you to everything else. The positive vibes that you get when you are centered with nature, with music, or with mindfulness can create the spiritual experience that you are seeking. When you are unable to harmonize spiritually, it is because there are things that are directly blocking you from achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Your ego

When you are doing something that is new to you, it is better to go in with a beginner’s mindset instead of being a know-it-all. Be willing to let spirituality tame your pride which in return will smash your ego.

Your fear

If you let fear rule your life, it will keep you from gaining your full potential in all areas of growth. To be clear, you will still experience anxiety and worry, but if you embrace whatever angst you are going through, you can gain strength through spiritual enlightenment to keep you moving forward.

Your restlessness

The inability to sit still can make the notion of meditation seem almost impossible. One of the very best ways to boost spiritual enlightenment is to sit still and be one with a Higher Power through meditation. Learning how meditation can work for you, takes practice and dedication.

Your dishonesty

This one may baffle you because you probably think you are already honest. Being cash-register honest and being true to yourself and others in every way, are completely different. Sometimes you may sweep issues under the carpet so that you do not have to deal with them. If you can look at the changes that you need to make, you are taking baby steps into living a more honest life that will allow spiritually to penetrate your being.

Your blame

When circumstances arise, you may accuse others or not forgive them of their misgivings. Most of the time if you spot it – you got it. When you acquire compassion in your life and allow margin for error, you will open to forgive more easily and move on to do more productive things, such as spirituality.

Your attachment

By defining yourself by your material items, you are setting your standard to be in constant pursuit of letting possessions be your main objective. Detach from physical items and reach for something intangible, like a Higher Power, to make you feel worthy.

You should start by looking inside yourself and getting rid of the elements that are keeping you from achieving spiritual enlightenment. Explore your spirituality every chance that you get because the results will be amazing.

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