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6 Signs You are an Eternal Optimist in Recovery

6 Signs You are an Eternal Optimist in Recovery

May 10, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

An eternal optimist is someone that stays positive through the vicissitudes of life. This type of person does not lose their faith no matter what takes place in life. By displaying hopefulness in all facets of your life, people will begin to feel assured around you especially if you are viewed as an eternal optimist.

You believe that everyone will eventually stay continuously sober

Staying sober can prove to be difficult for some people because they will not conform to the suggestions in recovery. You not only believe that everyone can get sober, but you will also keep the confidence that they will get sober in their own divine timing.

You believe that everyone deserves a second chance

People in recovery need someone to believe in their efforts and oftentimes need a do over in their life. Since you probably have already had your second chance in life, you will wish it for everyone else because you truly believe that people are deserving of real change in recovery.

You encourage everyone to pursue their dreams

Addiction usually takes away ambition in which people will falter on their aspirations. You can envision a bright future for everyone and will inspire people to make their dreams a reality.

You are a cheerleader for people even if they keep relapsing because you know they can turn it around

Although it is said that relapse is a part of recovery, it does not have to be. You are slow to judge those who keep relapsing and instead root for their success in their sobriety because you want them to have they serenity that they desire.

You have a solution during the dreariest of times

The recovery phrase “life on life’s terms” is really challenging to adhere to when life is on a downward swing. You have the ability to filter through the negative and turn lemons into lemonade by staying in the solution with recovery principles.

You practice compassion no matter what someone has done

Many people come into recovery after doing some pretty despicable things and carry some heavy shame and guilt with them as a result. You show them kindheartedness and tolerance when others would probably place judgement on them for the circumstances that they have probably plead guilty to.

Being an eternal optimist is a breath of fresh air in a world is full of pessimistic people that think they have been dealt unfair circumstances in life. Keeping a positive outlook in recovery can make a difference in how others will respond to you so that you in return you can help them see more clearly in positivity.

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