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6 Benefits to Quitting Drinking in Recovery

Quitting drinking is not an easy feat. It takes dedication and determination to keep on the path of sobriety. With all the effort that you have mustered into your recovery, you can easily see the benefits of quitting drinking.


  • You will remember everything.


One of the most frightening thing that happens when you come to after a bender, is trying to account for all the events of the night before to no avail. Putting the pieces together can be quite shocking, if you can even remember at all, without someone else filling in the blanks. When you are sober you do not have to worry about all that unnecessary drama and you will not feel like you had a piano dropped on your head.


  • You will make better decisions.


The best abstinence comes with the conclusion to stop drinking altogether. Once the fog has lifted and you can see more clearly, there is no doubt that your decision-making will become better than what it was, especially with a plan of recovery to back those decisions up.


  • You will feel better.


Alcohol abuse is straight poison in the body. Drinking in abundance can deteriorate the body quickly from a myriad of different alcohol-induced ailments. If you cease your alcohol intake, you will not necessarily feel better instantaneously, but in the long run your overall health can revitalize itself.


  • You will get a host of new friends.


If you are someone that has struggled with addiction, then hanging out with other people with addictions is a bad idea. To people that you previously drank and did drugs with, you may presently seem like a drag. To someone in recovery, you will be hailed as a someone who wants to live a better life. Finding new friends that support your sobriety may give the extra push to stay sober.


  • You will be a good example.


Once you quit drinking and get into recovery, you can show others that are struggling with alcohol that they can too can stay sober. By taking the actions to quit drinking you will build your experience, strength, and hope to share with someone who thinks that they cannot stop drinking.


  • You will learn how strong you really are.


Quitting drinking is not a piece of cake and once you do stop, it should take some work to maintain your sobriety. Through the trials and tribulations of staying sober, it will become apparent the strength that it takes mentally, physically, and spiritually to get over the hump of early sobriety.

What a difference quitting drinking makes in a person’s life. The benefits keep multiplying the longer that you stay sober. There is nothing so bad that a drink will not make worse.





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