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5 Ways to Heal the Family

Sep 25, 2017 | Relationships, Treatment

Now that help has been sought out and the addict is at treatment, it is time for the family to begin healing, too.  This is the perfect opportunity to reflect, reconnect, and realize the next phase of recovery.  


Addiction is a disease that not only tries to kill the body, but also the world around the host.  Family members have been involved in the entire process.  It’s time for them to heal, too.  Lots of emotions will come up that need to be dealt with properly.  Seeking help is a great way to face these feelings of anger, hurt, and guilt.  Talking to someone also helps understand perspectives.  It will give the family an opportunity to understand the addict’s point of view and how to communicate how they feel about the situation.


Disengaging from the addict will give the family space and time to refocus back on themselves.  Paying more attention to personal needs will help them adjust to a new life, just as the addict is trying to do with recovery.  This will help both sides detach if there are codependent behaviors.

Coping Skills

Codependency is common with addiction.  Codependent behaviors can come from the friends and family, or from the addict.  These behaviors can enable both parties to do negative things, such as lie or hide from addictive behaviors.  Having the family practice coping skills can do two things.  First, it will give them some relaxation and help them discover who they are without the addict around.  Second, it can give the family and the addict something to reconnect with.  It can be easier to communicate over an activity versus face to face therapy.   

Supporting Instead of Enabling

The loved ones will also have time to realize there has been a vicious cycle between themselves and the addict.  Enabling behaviors can be redirected into supportive behaviors.  This can be done through Al-Anon meetings or therapy.  Create a toolbox of ‘go to’ reactions to counteract the addict’s behaviors.  These will assist in breaking the cycle.

Skills to Communicate

Having the time to disconnect gives the family space to determine how they want to communicate and express their feelings to the addict.  Creating techniques to improve discussion between family members is a great strength.  Resources are available through recovery programs and therapy.

The family can prepare for the addicts return home.  Finding housing, if necessary, or activities to keep the recovering addict busy, are great tools to have available.  This will be a difficult time for everyone.  Being prepped on what to expect will ensure some comfort in the process.


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