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5 Ways That Show You are Grateful

5 Ways That Show You are Grateful

Jun 14, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

In recovery, you will continuously hear the word grateful from people that have been sober for a period. So much in fact, that you may think that the word is overused, and you may begin to wonder if you will ever feel grateful yourself. The good news is that you totally can. By taking a few actions here and there, you can start to feel gratitude in your soul.

Don’t tell

Do something nice for someone but don’t tell. In your addiction you were probably front in center many times. By taking a different approach in your recovery, you can do something without getting noticed and needing any recognition. This type of gesture can make you happy and humble which are two components of being grateful.

Say thank you

Life may be very full making you forget about the simple things like the epitome of being grateful – thankfulness. Saying “thank you” has become a lost art. Think about the things you may skimp on saying “thank you” for and make a mental note. That way when these things pop up, you can show your gratitude.

Write a thank you

Another lost art is writing out a thank you card. Who even does this anymore? Someone who wants to show their appreciation that is who. People these days use technology more than they use paper which keeps people from writing out a thank you note. Getting something in the mail and opening it up to see who it is from is fun for most people. This type of thank you really goes a long way because it shows someone that you took the time to personalize what they did for you and make them feel special in return.

Pay it forward

A new trend that has spread like wildfire is paying for someone’s order behind you in the drive thru. If have a few extra dollars on you, inquire to the cashier about how much their order is and pay for it. Not only will it make you feel good, but you could make the day of someone else behind you.

Be of service

There are tons of ways to give back. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, show up at a 12-Step meeting and participate, or go play games at a senior living center. Get creative and do things that you like while offering your time and yourself to make someone else’s day better.

Gratitude is not just a feeling. Gratitude is a way of life and what makes the world go around. Thinking of others will help you think less of yourself which can show you how good you really have it by being sober.  

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