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5 Ways Addiction Affects the Workplace

5 Ways Addiction Affects the Workplace

May 29, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Recovery

When thinking about addiction in the workplace, there are certain industries that are more synonymous with drinking and using than others such as health care, law enforcement, sales, and restaurants. While some of these jobs have an easier access to drugs or create anxiety or depression from on-the-job stress, addiction affects the workplace a hundred percent. Whether it is at home or in the workplace, addiction negatively influences everything that it encounters.

Reports show that substance abuse costs employers over $80 billion each year due to negligence and liability. While the dollar amount is substantial, there are still other ways that addiction harms an enterprise.

Team morale

Having to cover for or even dealing with someone that is battling with substance abuse will no less create undeniable resentment. As their productivity decreases, other members of the team will have to pick up the slack within their workload which can lower team morale. Each incident that the team has to endure due to drugs and alcohol will continue to make team morale more obsolete.


This term is used when someone shows up for work even though they are sick. Instead of taking the time that they need to get well, they may feel pressure to perform or may be out of sick leave. Showing up to work under the influence, hungover, or when experiencing withdrawal symptoms could put co-workers in danger from being impaired, being unable to perform at full capacity, or becoming belligerent or immobilized.

Relationship building

One of the most important aspects of business is establishing solid relationships. Dealing with someone that is under the influence can be tough on supervisors, co-workers, and even more detrimental with clients or customers. Trust that is repeatedly broken can make tensions run high and ultimately putting cracks in the foundation of any occupational relationship.


Most likely someone that has a problem with drugs and alcohol will begin to slack in their normal responsibilities including with their job. Whether they are hung over or have the “cocktail” flu, missing work is very common with someone that uses drugs and alcohol in excess.   


Accidents can absolutely happen at work, but a person that comes to work when drinking or using will be more susceptible to work-related injuries that could also put others in harm’s way. Those that are trying to perform their normal work duties while being intoxicated are three times more likely to hurt themselves. 35 percent of work-related injuries that must go to the ER involve at risk drinkers.

Companies continue to suffer from the oversight and inaccuracies that employees make while trying to keep their addiction going. Any business that is lacking due to being directly affected by addiction will hopefully not enable the addicted employee any longer and give them the support that they need to get into recovery.

If you are someone you know it having a hard time staying sober and it is affecting your employment, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help you to get sober for the long-haul. Our medical and clinical staff will work closely with you to show you how to adorn your soul in recovery.

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