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5 Types of People to Keep You on Track in a 12-Step Meeting

Oct 6, 2017 | Recovery

12-Step Programs include many stereotypes of folks. Sticking with the winners is the best way to find the best people to hang out with. You should pick people to surround yourself with that will enhance your sobriety rather than break it down. Finding shining examples of the program can be instrumental in finding the necessary support you will need to receive while trying to stay sober.


Everyone has a start in recovery and early sobriety is a momentous time to gain a recovery foundation. Newcomers are the people that make themselves vulnerable to others by sharing their recent and raw accounts of what they have just went through and keeping “what it was like” fresh in the minds of others.


These people are on fire for recovery by filling the meeting commitments and taking their turn to put their hand out to give back what was so freely given to them. A middle-timer takes the foundation that is created in early sobriety and builds on top of it to attempt on making it to old-timer status.


Having been around for awhile, this person can provide some great insight on how to stay sober. At first they may seem strict and unpleasant causing you a full on resentment, but one day you may see them as the wise person that helped to save your life.


Meetings are a greeter’s livelihood. Shaking hands and hugging people as they arrive to meetings makes people feel accepted. This person loves learning everyone’s names while getting to know them personally. You can be certain that they will be at the next meeting you attend to call you by name, shake your hand, and have a welcoming smile for you.

Big Book Thumpers

The “big book” is the nickname that alcoholics call their book, Alcoholics Anonymous, but this term can refer to any of the 12-Step programs. Somebody that has vast knowledge of the program from studying the book can be fondly called a big book thumper. These people can recite the book and make sense of it for others to understand how certain passages can be incorporated into their everyday life.

You may not be going to a meeting to be get involved with the people that are members of the 12-Step program you are attending. You may think you have nothing in common with the attendees. If you are open to finding out, then you may see that you have more in common then you realize to help keep you on track.


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