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5 Tips to Disarm Your Fears

Dec 25, 2017 | Mental Health, Recovery

Fear is human trait that embodies our society everywhere with everyone every day. Other variations of fear include fright, panic, phobia, despair, angst, and the list could go on and on. Fear does not show bias to anyone as it prevails to make life more difficult than it has to be.


Recognize your fears


The first step to getting through your fears is to know what they are. Sometimes they are easier to figure out such as spiders or the dark. Other times they can be deep-rooted fears that may stem from trauma in your childhood that has been continuously stuffed away to help you cope and has not yet been processed. Naming your fears will give you something to commence on.


Unchain your energy


Putting energy into positive things rather than into yours fears, will alleviate much of your stress and worry. Let go of your fears and replace it with tranquility knowing that everything will happen exactly the way it is supposed to.   


Create balance


Balance can be formulated by connecting your body, mind, and soul together. If one of those aspects are lacking, then fear becomes a working part of the body, mind, and soul that can lead to stress affecting you in variety of different ways. Stress can bring about headaches and tension to keep you emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.


Disassociate from propaganda


The news and social media have invoked a fear-based society due to the stories that are reported. People will share those stories regardless of having factual evidence of what is communicated to them. The ripple effect can occur creating unnecessary apropos fear. Keep to sources that can backup their information instead of believing everything that you read.


Use therapy to get through trauma


People that have been through abuse and trauma are more likely to act in the exact same ways, especially when driven by fear. Getting professional therapy can help you sort through the issues that could make you still unknowingly suffer. Getting to the root of your fears can help give you the breakthrough you need to move past it.

Fear will keep you locked in your past instead of being able to appreciate what is going on in the moment.  Learning how to disarm your fear will help you to become more proficient in your sanity and your serenity.

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