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5 Tips for Eating Disorders During Family Dinners

Jan 17, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Enjoying the family dinners can be an agonizing experience for someone with an eating disorder. Trying to control the feelings that are caused by an eating disorder, can be better tamed by following a few empowering tips to use during family dinner.

Change the conversation.

People usually gorge themselves during family get togethers, so it is no wonder that people will start talking about dieting or gaining weight due to feeling guilty. You should try to keep out of that line of conversation and try to change it to something more suitable like asking if the Cowboys are winning or asking to see little Sally’s pictures at the pumpkin patch. Go into the kitchen and be of service by doing the dishes. Play a game with one of your cousins. The point is to remove yourself from the conversation to keep your anxiety to a minimum.

No compensating.

Many times, the mentality may be to skip meals to compensate for all the things that are consumed on a family dinner occasion, especially since that event is known for eating. Go about your day the way you do while in recovery. Even though the holiday is known for eating, there is no reason to change your healthy pattern of eating.

Pause when agitated.

The food may not be the only issue. There may also be the pesky family members that cause you stress, as well. Life will continue to have it challenges beyond this family meal, so you might at well start practicing now to overcome them. Take a moment to breathe. Call somebody that can help you to manage your stressors and work through them.

Ask for help.

Get somebody to make your dinner plate for you. This may not last for every year, but if you are feeling like you need help this year, then do whatever it takes to help you through the rough patches of the day.

Family dinners signify family, food, and gratitude. Eating is a basic need, but changing your perception to look at family dinners as moments for gratitude instead of a day of eating, can help you to be thankful for what you have rather than what is on your plate.

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