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5 Myths About Addiction

Misconceptions of addiction can distort the true information that needs to be rendered. Addiction can affect everything that it touches. Often denial and criticism takes place instead of the compassion and tolerance that an addict may need because of the misunderstanding of myths.

1st Myth

A doctor’s prescription is a legitimate reason for an addict to take drugs.

Doctor’s prescriptions are given every day to people that need them. Addicts may use a doctor’s note to justify abusing drugs. Using drugs without the authenticity of doctor’s orders as well as not taking the drugs as prescribed, can be dangerous and further progress the addiction in an unhealthy manner.

2nd Myth

Relapse is representative of failure.

Getting sober is not always an easy task to undertake. Most of the time it takes an extreme amount of effort to get to the point of cessation. Relapse can be a part of of an addict’s journey which may bring about emotions of guilt, shame, and hopelessness. The measure of these emotions can be what gets the addict back on track or what keeps them out there in their addiction. Support during this disreputable time can make a positive impact on an addict’s relapse.

3rd Myth

Addicts are only in lower income families.

The fact of the matter is that addiction does not discriminate. There is no race, class, sexual orientation, or gender that addiction will not touch. Addiction is a malady that affects all walks of life and using stereotypes to pinpoint addiction is irresponsible.

4th Myth

Detoxification will fix the addiction.

Detoxing off out substances can be a really hard process for addicts. Withdrawals can be physically brutal and mentally challenging. Getting into a detox program can make this process a little easier and get an addict into an appropriate treatment facility. Getting off drugs and alcohol is not enough to stay sober. Treatment will help how to deal with cravings, triggers, and past trauma that needs to be processed and give an addict tools to deal with them ongoing. Drugs and alcohol are just symptoms to bigger issues that need to be dealt with.

5th Myth

An addict can just stop if they want to.

One of the most baffling aspects of addiction to people that do not have an addiction, is why addicts will not just stop. Although it may seem that the addict desires to be living in the chaotic world of addiction, chances are that they wish to stop but are unable to because addiction is a two-fold condition. Physical dependence is one part of the disease of addiction and the other part is the obsession that addicts usually cannot stop on their own.

Addiction is a massive topic to bring out even bigger misconceptions. Educating oneself in addiction can help facilitate help for more addicts with the facts rather than putting out something fiction.  

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