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5 Healthy Relationships to Develop in Treatment

Oct 4, 2017 | Relationships, Treatment

In all walks of life there is a necessity of human compassion. When going into treatment you may think that you will be just fine without any having any personal interactions, but it is really important to enlist a team of prominent people that will support your recovery.

The Sponsor

You may already have a sponsor, or you could obtain one from a meeting that you attend in or outside your rehabilitation facility. Getting a sponsor may prove to be one of the best decisions that you can make. Not only do they provide a sense of security, but they can provide an accountability that is second to none. Once you are in treatment, use your time wisely while you have some downtime from the responsibilities of life to build that relationship. Find somebody you completely trust because if you are not honest, it will be counterproductive.

Funny Friend

Finding somebody to laugh with in treatment that is also a friend to you, can help you relate to similar issues and have fun doing it. Finding a solid friend that is funny, may prove that laughter is your best medicine. While being joyful can distract the monotony of everyday life in rehab, approach these comedians with caution because laughter can mask real issues and keep you from focusing on what you need to in treatment.

Supportive Family Members

Family members that will not enable you should be the family members you add to your support system. Family contact is sometimes limited in rehab, but can help you to feel secure by having a piece of “home”. Support is really important to the success of sobriety, but family members that will get you off track in recovery should be avoided until you are strong enough to handle them.


A therapist is a vital part of treatment. Their professional experience can help you to flourish in your solution to long-term recovery. Opening up yourself to what they have to offer, can be the angle you might have been missing all along to stay sober.  


Addicts cannot not take care of themselves physically, mentally, or spiritually the longer the addiction pursues. Getting yourself on track starts with getting yourself into treatment. Using the tools and therapy that is offered to you can help you to learn about yourself in ways that you did not know before. Taking healthy actions can keep you on track to achieve anything within the realm of possibility.

Instead of isolating in treatment, find relationships that are meaningful and trustworthy. Live the best life you can by including people that will help you thrive to keep your recovery alive.


You deserve to be ADORNED in your recovery. Life skills, coping tools, education, holistic healing, and a sober support system will help you gain long term sobriety. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Call us today for information: 844-720-6847

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