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5 Best Gifts of Recovery

Dec 11, 2017 | Recovery, Sobriety

Upon getting sober, there is a remarkable change that can happen for somebody that embraces recovery. There are gifts of sobriety that can become apparent with someone who has started trudging the road of recovery.




There is a really broad range of all the things that can make you feel free. Not being in the custody of jails or institutions, can literally make you feel free. Working a program and getting rid of all the baggage you have probably been lugging around for years, can finally be purged. Working a program of recovery can give you the freedom that you may not have ever experienced before.




Once you get sober and get into recovery, most likely you will start transforming into a new person. The old behaviors that may have kept you from having healthy relationships can go away with your new moral compass that you have learned to navigate. This means that you could get back into the good graces of some of the loved ones you hurt. You may not be ready to give your Ninth Step amends at this time, but living your life the way that it was intended for can show your loved ones a living amends that can bring your relationship back together in a healthier and more renewed way.




The disease of addiction causes the brain to make poor choices like lying, stealing, and cheating. When those who are actively addicted are displaying these types of behaviors they are not employable or able to be trusted. Sobriety can open up a whole new horizon to opportunities for jobs, living spaces, school, relationships, or even for just being of service. By walking a straight line, the opportunities are endless to achieve goals that may have seemed out of reach.




During addiction, you probably isolated yourself from the people that really care about you. Once you get sober, getting into a 12-Step program or another support group can make a difference with your self-esteem.  In recovery, it is said that, “we will love them until they can love themselves”. This is the beautiful thing about having a support system. Everyone helps to raise each other up so that no one must walk their path of recovery alone.




Risky behaviors run rampant during addiction that be crucial to an addict’s health. Malnutrition, injuries, and side effects disturb an addict’s quality of life. A restored sense of energy can come about through cessation of drugs and alcohol. Staying clean and sober can keep you feeling immensely better physically than before.

These are just a few gifts of recovery that can be benefited by staying sober and working a program. By maintaining sobriety, there are many other recovery gifts to strive for that can be obtainable for those who work for it.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can help you achieve some of the gifts of recovery here by procuring our clients with the best recovery practice we have to offer. Our clinical, medical, and recreational staff can help patients to triumph over their addiction.

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