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4 Ways to Absolve your Addiction

Mar 9, 2018 | Drug Addiction, Treatment

Addiction really takes us down a rabbit hole of misery once a certain line has been crossed with our substance use. What was seemingly fun can turn into a reality of mental, physical, and spiritual torture. Once someone gets sober, there might be some real resentment when the fog of addiction is lifted and all the damage that has been done becomes clear.

Own it

We must take responsibility for our actions if we wish to set our addiction free. Blaming our addiction for everything that we did does not make it go away, it just keeps us from overtaking the process of finding out why we drank in the first place.  The list can be long, as well as fruitful, if we can get down to causes and effects in our disease of addiction.

Give it

Part of absolving our addiction is being of service to the people around us. This will come in all different forms and if we are willing to give back this will nonetheless transform us into a kind and generous person. During our addiction we were selfish and self-centered to continue feeling what our version of “good” was. We can feel really good when we give back what was so freely given to us. Starting out small is important so that we do not completely overwhelm ourselves. We can watch our service levels go through the roof when we begin to feel the rewards of being able to give back just because we can.

Share it

Taking your addiction and talking about it in a therapy setting or 12-Step meetings, can make your negative experiences a source of relatability for someone else going through something like yours. Although it may be weird to expose your turmoil to others, letting it out can be a source of relief that may actually uncover some healing truths about yourself.

Live it

Addiction will always be a part of our story and being in recovery is the best way to turn it around to live life the way it is supposed to be lived. If we put as much effort into our recovery as we did in our addiction, we will be putting a ton of insurance into staying sober while we get further away from our addiction.

Doing contrary action with what we did in our addiction, will be the very thing that can absolve us from our addiction. Now is time to be free of the negative connotation that we allowed our addiction to give us.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs and alcohol, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can offer the assistance to show you how to absolve your addiction Our well-trained staff will be instrumental in adoring your soul in recovery.

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