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4 Tips to Being Dynamic in Recovery

Mar 15, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

The word dynamic has a twofold definition that can be used towards what you may want to strive for once you get sober. When dynamic is used with a process, it can mean constantly changing, being active, or progressing which can be used interchangeably in a recovery environment. Recovery is an evolving process that is constantly transforming someone that is working a program. The other definition is a good example of what recovery looks like when someone is putting their life on track by being dynamic in their program. A person with a positive attitude and is full of energy while having new ideas is dynamic and you can be, too.


Show your true colors


Most people are not made to be negative or mean. They usually become disgruntled by the way they were treated when they were younger or how their addiction conformed their demeanor to be. Be who you are with love and tolerance and that will go a long way to conform into a positive attitude.


Set motivating goals


When you set standards, you are encouraging yourself to be the person that you were meant to be in recovery. Not only does it give you an opportunity to contend for what you want, but it gives you the chance to learn more about yourself. There are probably a few things that you will interested to discover about yourself that could not come to light while you were under the influence.


Appreciate your journey


The things that you may have had to endure because of your addiction may be hard to accept. Take those negative and disgraceful moments and use them to your advantage. Never forget where you came from and always remember how far you have come. Keeping the past relevant makes your recovery more meaningful and it will help someone else who may fear what they have to overcome.


Be grateful


Dynamic people are grateful people because they want everything to be happy-go-lucky. Being thankful for the people who have supported you and letting them know that their acts of kindness have not gone unnoticed, can be said by a simple, but a meaningful, “thank you”, or through your actions by giving back to the world around you.

Recovery can be extremely dynamic if you let it. By taking the reins in your recovery, you can become the dynamic individual that you were meant for in sobriety.

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