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4 Reasons to Stay Sober This Summer

4 Reasons to Stay Sober This Summer

Jun 26, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

Now that the summer is here in full force, you have many reasons to stay sober. Summer is typically known to be the season of fun because kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful for so many outdoor activities, and summer is a popular time for people go on vacation. Many people foresee these leisurely activities with a fruity cocktail or a frothy beer in hand to refresh them. If you are in recovery this is merely a pipe dream because the way you envision your vacation in this manner is probably not the way it would actually pan out anyway. You should consider the reasons on why you should stay sober this summer.

You will ruin your vacation.

If you were to try to control your addiction on a vacation, most likely it would turn out with you passing out, blacking out, or freaking out because once you start, it will be hard to stop especially because you have no responsibilities holding you back.

You will have more sobriety time entering the Fall.

Sobriety is meant to be taken one day at a time although it feels good to put some consecutive sober days together. With the one day at a time mentality, you could take one season at a time as well. Staying sober through the summer means you might have better chance to be sober for the Fall.

You will use your summer wisely.

Sure, it sounds fun to “party” during the summer months if “party” means possibly making a fool out of yourself. Most people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol waste a lot of time “partying” when they do not even really enjoy what they are doing. Staying sober gives you a better opportunity to take pleasure in your activities and be productive with your time rather than wasting the summer away drinking and using unnecessarily.

You are in recovery.

Summer schedules tend to be a little laxer than the rest of the year, but your recovery should not resemble this structure at all. You will have to put just as much effort into your recovery as you put into your addiction which means not taking a vacation in your sobriety.

The focus that you should have during summer is to revel in the sunshine and appreciate the fun activities that you get to participate in. If you are drinking or using addictively, you are sure to miss out on the solstice that your recovery can bring about.

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