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4 Misconceptions About Cannabis

Dec 5, 2017 | Drug Addiction, Treatment

There are many misconceptions about cannabis that has influenced the medical, judicial, and production aspects of its validity. Here are few examples of how marijuana can alter the public opinion and its usefulness.

Marijuana is harmless because it grows naturally.

Just because cannabis is grown mostly organic, does not mean that it does not have negative aspects within its use. Smoking weed can invoke users to develop forgetfulness and increase their heart rates. Inhaling smoke can jeopardize health risks with their lungs. Marijuana can be more addictive to young people who are heavy users while damaging their brain function since their brains are still growing. With any drug, there is usually a downside that can affect some abusers.

Cannabis is all the same.

The stereotype of marijuana is to “smoke weed” and “get high”. Cannabis has some natural medicinal purposes and many different strains that have different effects for ailments. This can depend on which kind of soil, what the environmental factors are, whether it is grown inside under lights or outside in the sun, what kind of plant species, and even how the cannabinoid ratio is mixed up. These factors play a part in the different strains that are grown, which cannot be reproduced identically every time. Even if someone in Humboldt, California grew a certain strain, it would not be likely that someone in Boulder, Colorado would have the exact same results.

THC is a cure-all.

Dispensaries have been known to sell their products based on being a cure-all to all health maladies. There has been little research that has been done to prove what THC is able to alleviate for which symptoms and diseases along with what dosage is required for healing purposes. Marijuana has helped many people with many ailments and provided relief to many patients. However, no cure-all medicine has ever been known to exist to treat everything and everyone, and cannabis is no different.

Legal states allow anything when it comes to cannabis.

Residents of Colorado and California voted to have marijuana legalized in their states. This does not mean that residents and visitors are able to do whatever they want whenever they want. Legalizing recreational marijuana created a judicial structure on a commercial and law enforcement basis. Even though it is legal in Colorado and California, employers can ban cannabis use and request random drug tests from their employees. While citizens are able to have small amounts of pot for their own personal use, they are not able to smoke in public and have the same legal consequences with public intoxication. Marijuana is not legal to distribute or cross state lines which means there are restrictions that could land a local into some trouble if the rules are not followed.

Although marijuana has been illegal since the 1930’s, education about its influence on our society and the propaganda that made it illegal in the first place, is important to consider.

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