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10 Things Everyone Experiences in Early Recovery

Sep 26, 2017 | Recovery

First meeting jitters

It can be intimidating to go anywhere for the first time much less a meeting in a 12-Step program.  Fear of the unknown of what will happen during a meeting or what people who attend meetings will be like can make anyone’s stomach have butterflies.


Recovery and support go together like peas in a pod. If an addict is in recovery, they are making a concerted effort to stay sober.  Whether it be 12-Step support or support from loved ones, people applaud results that come from recovery.

Appreciating surrounding beauty

Substance abuse can put blinders on an addict’s eyes. They may not be able to enjoy the things that occur naturally around them due to the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  Once the blinders come off in recovery, the bloom of a flower or the serenity of a sunset can be noticed and be delighted in more freely.


Waving a white flag of surrender to the disease of addiction is the beginning of recovery. Surrender may be viewed as a sign of weakness, but in the recovery world, it is a sign of strength.


Feelings of all kind come out in recovery. Addicts usually numb themselves to avoid any feelings. Having these emotions for the first time in recovery may seem peculiar.  To prevent relapse, it is suggested to work through these feelings by doing step work.

Mood Swings

Feelings can be difficult to process in recovery creating mood swings. Meditating, exercising, sleeping, and watching diet and water consumption are ways to help keep mood swings to a minimum.


The backbone of recovery is solution. Solution must be prevalent to stay sober because without it, addicts would not have any idea how to recover. Thoughts of solution keeps the eye on the prize of recovery.


Fear is a human characteristic.  Living a new life of recovery and not knowing what will happen next are sure to create fear in some addicts. The spiritual side of a 12-Step program is important to foster, because the opposite of fear is faith.

Newfound sense of life

Change is inevitable when in recovery. Abusing drugs and alcohol usually initiates a chaotic lifestyle. A new lifestyle can emerge by having a purpose for betterment in recovery.

Healthier Habits

Recovery helps facilitates an overall well-being in health.  Eating, sleeping, being connected to others, grooming, and relaxation are all activities that recovery recommends for basic contentment.

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