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Best Detox & Rehab Center For Addiction for Jacksonville Residents

Searching for a detox and rehab center can be an overwhelming experience.  Finding yourself or a loved one in need of addiction treatment is stressful on its own but when you discover the number of treatment options available its easy to get confused and frustrated.  You want to find the best detox and rehab center for your needs but it can be difficult to know where to turn or who to trust.  

We would like to help you or your family member find the best addiction treatment center for their unique needs.  Some things to consider as you search include checking the accreditation and licensure status of a detox and rehab center, ensuring that medical staff is on site 24/7 during detox to provide a safe and comfortable experience, finding out what levels of care are offered so that your needs can be matched with the appropriate treatment, and lastly checking reviews from former clients on third party sites like Google, can all be helpful as you search for the right facility.


Our Approach

Our customized programs feature an integrative approach that includes medical protocols, clinical therapies and holistic modalities. We also incorporate life skills and recreational options into the mix to ensure our clients meet all their needs to bring about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Our team of addiction experts is committed to every client, treating them as a member of the family and investing in the success of their recovery.

The basic program format at Serenity Oaks Wellness is broken down into five weeks that follow our ADORN pattern:

Why Choose Serenity Oaks

When you choose Serenity Oaks wellness center to heal from your drug or alcohol addiction, you are choosing to heal within a treatment center that honors and values your unique circumstances and needs from an alcohol or drug rehab program in Clearwater. We understand that living with an active drug or alcohol addiction can produce feelings of shame or guilt within a person due to the actions or behaviors that you had within your addiction.

The team at Serenity Oaks is here to support you in releasing any negative feelings about your addiction and honoring the challenges that you have experienced within your addiction and offering non judgmental support and care as you heal from the pains of your past to create a healthy future in sobriety.

Serenity Oaks changed my life. I went in a terrified shell of a person. I left born again, a new man entirely. The team of therapist is amazing, they saved my life. Today I am clean and sober living a life beyond my wildest dreams. I owe the credit to the things I learned at Serenity Oaks. They give you all the tools you need to succeed in the real world. I recommend this place to anyone who is suffering from the cunning, baffling, powerful disease called addiction.

– Justin G.

The therapists here are top notch! The staff is excellent as well. The individual therapy sessions and the group sessions are equally valuable. If you’re open-minded and willing, this place can change your life! I cannot thank this place enough for giving me my life back. I was completely lost, empty, full of darkness and self-hatred. Today, I can say that I am the complete opposite of all of those things! I owe it all to Serenity Oaks Wellness Center and the hard work that I did there and the lessons and tools I learned and continue to practice in my daily life now.

– Amy S.


At Serenity Oaks, our vision is to ADORN our patients to help facilitate personal growth and change towards a healthy balanced life in sobriety. Your addiction treatment program will incorporate clinical therapeutic support, medical supervision and care, and recreational or experiential therapy opportunities. 

In order to support our patients in ADORNing from their addiction, we believe that this is completed in 5 stages;

A- Accountability

During the initial stage of your addiction treatment program, patients will become accountable to their actions and consequences of addiction that has impacted their life or others around them .

D- Dreams, determination, disconnect, or direction

This second stage of addiction treatment is characterized by identifying the harmful habits that have been established during your addiction and beginning to identify how you would want to make changes for the future in sober living.

O- Opportunity

Patients are beginning to build and develop positive, healthy coping strategies while also receiving feedback from peers and staff about their recovery process to ensure that they are receiving optimal treatment progress. .

R- Relationships and Restoring

During this fourth phase of addiction treatment, patients will engage in family therapy sessions to help reconnect with their loved ones and rebuild trust within the relationship. Loved ones will develop skills for healthy communication, setting appropriate boundaries with one another, and holding each other accountable.

N- Navigate

This final phase of addiction treatment is characterized by supporting patients to navigate sober living options and the supports that will be needed as you transition into your home environment. Patients are paired with new clients to support as a mentor and support the new person in going through their treatment to help share their experience and knowledge of addiction recovery.

A Fresh Start


Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is an addiction treatment facility where your “drive to change” is met with our “passion to create an unparalleled experience in healing and strengthening the client’s core self”. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team will treat each client individually based on cross-disciplinary and evidence-based treatment for each individual’s unique treatment goals.

Why Choose Serenity Oaks

Serenity Oaks treatment center is the top-rated detox and rehab facility for drugs and alcohol in JacksonvilleFlorida, because we offer individualized treatment plans that are customized to work best for each of our clients. We know you are much more than your addiction; you are a well-rounded, whole person who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity as you recover from your substance use disorder.

We go the extra mile for our clients. You will have individualized attention from all staff, as we provide a low staff-to-patient ratio. This way we can focus on finding and healing the underlying causes of your addiction, rather than smoothing over the surface of deep-seated issues. We provide an integrated continuum of care that will meet you where you are in your addiction and give you options like a medication-assisted detox plan, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and aftercare treatments.

Our campus is on 7.5 acres of land, and during inpatient rehab and detox programs, you will live in residence, with modern, clean décor and a comfortable bed, a TV with movie access, your own private bathroom and plenty of storage. The outdoor spaces are beautiful, with common areas to socialize in, a Zen Garden for quiet reflection, a basketball court, and plenty of shady spots where you can escape the Florida heat.

Our goal is to make you feel like part of the family in our judgment-free and welcoming facility. Drug and alcohol rehab centers that foster a sense of community help patients grow and sustain their sobriety for the long-term, achieving longer lasting and deeper-rooted results. For this reason, we have cultivated a peaceful and welcoming sober community, including our Thrive alumni mentor program, with local groups you can meet up with and 24-hour phone and online group support. Becoming an alumni member of Thrive after your rehab program is complete will give you the chance to be of service to others, provide you with motivation to challenge yourself in your life, and help you achieve personal growth and long- and short-term goals.

Come to Serenity Oaks if you are thinking about rehab for the first time, or if you have experienced relapse one or more times. With our individualized treatment programs, our caring staff members, and our effective treatment methods, we will make a difference.

Highest Rated Alcohol Detox Program

Serenity Oaks alcohol addiction treatment program is the highest rated in Jacksonville, Florida, because of our safe detox plan that transitions directly into a customized rehab program when you are ready. Alcohol detox is not something that should be attempted at home or on your own. Medical oversight is often necessary because the withdrawal symptoms can become overwhelming, dangerous, and even life-threatening.

In our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) detox plan, you will be provided with medications, therapy, counseling, and 24-hour medical care for the entirety of your detox, ensuring you are not only medically safe, but also that you feel comfortable, do not suffer physically or emotionally, and that you can begin to tackle the underlying causes of your addiction.

Staying inside full-time detox treatment centers will ensure that patients are safe and that the detox is successful, as being physically removed from the temptation of alcohol, bars, and liquor stores will remove the risk of immediate relapse. At Serenity Oaks, we will customize your alcoholism treatment so that you can get through your detox without suffering seizures, delirium tremens, severe cravings and strong discomfort, and when you are stable enough, you can move forward into your alcohol abuse treatments rehab plan.

Drug Detox Program

The Serenity Oaks medical detox program in JacksonvilleFlorida is recommended for the majority of people with drug abuse issues. Detox from drugs can be painful and uncomfortable, even if it is not severe, and there are some substances and medical issues that can cause detox to be dangerous if untreated by medical professionals.

The Serenity Oaks rehab center in Jacksonvilleprovides a customized medically assisted drug detox program that differs depending on what substances you were using before rehab. We have inpatient and outpatient detox programs, but inpatient detox is almost always recommended due to its much higher success rate.

During drug detox, you will live inside the facility 24 hours a day, undergoing comprehensive integrated treatments that may include prescription doses of medication as needed to keep you healthy and comfortable, check-ins with licensed and certified doctors and therapists, and holistic treatments. If you have a co-occurring mental health condition, we will also begin dual diagnosis treatment right away.

Top Alcohol Rehab in Jacksonville

The Serenity Oaks rehab centers in Jacksonvilleprovide all levels of care, from medication-assisted treatment, through inpatient treatments and into outpatient programs including intensive outpatient plans and partial hospitalization plans.

Detox is usually completed within a few days to two weeks, after which, many patients will move into a 30- to 90-day inpatient rehab program. Staying in an inpatient program means living inside the alcohol rehab facility full-time, away from life’s stresses and distractions, as you go to therapy, meet with a counselor, go to doctor’s appointments, exercise, and eat healthy, taking back control over their life and body. You will gain new perspective on life and learn new sobriety skills and tools that will last you a lifetime.

After inpatient detox and/or inpatient rehab, patients will begin outpatient treatment. They will live at home or in a sober living home, coming into the treatment facility to access treatments on a set schedule. There are different levels of outpatient treatment programs, including:

  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) – live a normal life at home or in a sober residence, go to work, see loved ones and friends, while coming in for therapy, groups and other programming once or twice a week
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP) – come in for meetings and therapy sessions during the day, with the option for prescription medications if required. Patients will rarely stay overnight during PHP.
  • Outpatient program (OP) – after your treatment plan is complete you can join the Serenity Oaks outpatient program. This is a program for those in recovery, designed to provide continued structure and support, with the option of attending groups, booking therapy appointments, and meeting with your doctors.

Drug Rehab in Jacksonville

When you come to Jacksonvillerehab centers JacksonvilleFL, you will first undergo a thorough assessment by our addiction experts including medical and psychiatric doctors. They will assess your level of addiction, your current state of mental health, and get to know about you as a person, working alongside you to build a long-term treatment plan that will take you through the spectrum of treatments and out the other side to your own road to recovery.

The rehab programs during inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation at Serenity Oaks are tailored to best suit each patient. Alcohol and drug rehab treatments available include traditional treatments including medical protocols, evidence-based therapy and 12-step programs, along with behavioral treatments like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Motivational Incentives

There are holistic treatments that include yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, and life skills and vocational programs to help balance the healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Jacksonville?

One of the first thoughts most people have when they are considering rehab is “How much is this going to cost me?” There is no set amount that rehab costs. There are several factors that affect the amount you will have to pay, starting with whether or not you have insurance, and what treatments and medications your insurance plan will cover. The price will also be affected by:

  • Whether you stay in residential care or remain living at home during rehab
  • Which types of therapies and medications you participate in while in our care
  • How long you stay in rehab, including outpatient programs and partial hospitalization
  • Whether you remain in aftercare once treatment is complete

How Long Is Detox?

Detox timelines depend on each person’s unique physiology and the types of substances you were using. If you were mixing different types of drugs or drinking and abusing drugs, your detox may take longer or be more severe. Other factors that influence the timeline are:

  • Your physical and mental health at the time of detox
  • How much of the drug(s) you were using at one time and how often you were using them
  • Your history of relapse, your medical history and your family history of substance abuse

At Serenity Oaks alcohol and drug rehab, we will ensure you are comfortable and safe as you progress through rehab, and will only provide you with the amount of treatment you need, whether it is acute (for those with more severe addictions and medical issues) or sub-acute (a less intense version of detox).

    How Long Is Rehab?

    The length of your time in rehab depends on the types of treatments you are engaged in. For some people, your rehab program may include long-term inpatient rehab, followed by a long-term outpatient plan and aftercare, lasting years. For others, you may be able to detox in a few days, then enter an intensive outpatient program, getting back to work and other life obligations right away. It depends on the severity of your addiction and the types of substances you were using, along with the resources you have available to you at home and in your community. At Serenity Oaks treatment center, we will work with you to create a custom plan that will work best for your individual needs.

    30 Day (Short Term Rehab)

    30 days in inpatient rehab is considered short-term rehab. This is considered the lowest amount of time that it takes to leave old bad habits behind and create new, sustainable routines and behaviors. It takes time to adjust not only your brain chemistry, but also the way you think and feel when it comes to substance abuse, stress management, the recovery process, and relapse prevention. With 30 days of rehab under your belt you will have spent a full month away from external temptations and distractions, healing the underlying causes of your addiction and regaining your strength, with full support, mental health care, and other programs designed to make your transition back to life as a sober individual as easy as possible.

    Long Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

    Long-term rehab is usually 60 to 90 days in length, although for some people it can be even longer. There is no definitive end-date for rehab. Spending a full 60 or 90 days in residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is ideal for people who have co-occurring mental health disorders, people who are beginning new medications, people who have health issues that require medical oversight, and people who have struggled with relapse in the past. The longer you spend in inpatient rehab, the more time you will have to work on behavioral health, physical health and nutrition, mental and spiritual wellness, and addressing any core issues that may have caused your addiction. The longer you spend in inpatient treatment, the lower your risk of relapse will be.

    Additional Therapies & Addiction Treatments Available:

    Along with the evidence-based treatments and therapy offered at Serenity Oaks rehab near Jacksonville, we employ a holistic approach to healing that involves treating the mind, body and spirit in one integrated program. Some additional treatments we provide include:

    • Nutrition classes
    • Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Recreation

    There are also life skills courses available, including:

    • Budgeting
    • Resume building
    • Financial education
    • Personal grooming classes
    • Time management skills

    Providing alternative treatments to compliment our traditional cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapies benefits many patients, as incorporating spirituality, mental wellness and physical health promotes overall healing, physical strength, and spiritual grounding, and will help with symptoms like anxiety, stress, emotional issues, and some physical ailments while improving self-confidence and the body-mind connection.

    Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

    At Serenity Oaks healing center we accept most insurance plans, but each insurance company has different criteria for what can and cannot be claimed as health care. Insurance will usually cover somewhere between 60% to 90% of substance abuse, addiction, and mental health care.

    If you would like help navigating the complexities of your own insurance plan or if you are helping a loved one get into rehab, call our front desk for more information. We have done this many times, and we will be able to help you choose a plan that will work for your addiction treatment, and let you know how much you will need to pay out of pocket before you commit to anything. This way you can make a realistic rehab plan, and will know what to expect when you check in.


    Medication assisted treatment (MAT) detox begins directly after the admission process is complete. You will move into our drug detox center for residential treatment, living inside the building 24/7 for the entirety of your alcohol or drug detox.

    Medical detox programs have been created to minimize withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting drugs and alcohol. Without medical management, these symptoms can range from uncomfortable to deadly, so most of the time medical oversight is recommended when quitting drugs and alcohol.

    At Serenity Oaks, we offer a medication assisted patient treatment that includes:

    • Therapy and addiction counseling
    • Medical care with clinicians available 24 hours a day
    • Dual diagnosis for those with a co-occurring disorder like anxiety, depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder, including targeted therapy and antidepressant or antipsychotic medications if needed
    • Medicine that will reduce the suffering that comes with detoxification, including methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, acamprosate and disulfiram

    Between the intense physical pain and discomfort and the strong emotional and psychological pain, detox can feel impossible to get through, causing many people to relapse. With prescription doses of medications administered to ease pain, restlessness, drug cravings and dangerous symptoms like seizures and delirium tremens, you will be comfortable and safe. This will reduce the risk of relapsing right away, and when combined with therapy and counseling, your overall outlook when it comes to remaining sober will be better.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that is often used to treat substance use disorders (SUD). This is a type of treatment that deconstructs unhelpful behaviors and thought patterns, while treating underlying emotional disorders and healing the reasons behind substance abuse and self-destructive patterns while providing healthier alternative coping mechanisms.

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

    Dialectical behavioral therapy is a common therapy used in drug and alcohol abuse treatment as it addresses the social and emotional reasons behind addiction and substance abuse. This therapy assists patients in replacing negative behaviors, thoughts and emotions with more positive ones, challenging self-destructive thoughts while working on emotional regulation and distress tolerance.

    Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

    Rational emotive behavioral therapy is good for those dealing with substance abuse issues because it addresses healthy coping techniques and thought patterns from a rational point of view. The ideology stems from the reasoning that there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” situation, it depends on how you see it. Patients learn to challenge their thoughts, emotions and responses to triggers, learning healthier coping techniques.

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    Dual diagnosis is a comprehensive type of addiction and mental health treatment plan that integrates treatment for both issues at the same time. These issues are often connected or tied together, and may stem from the same underlying cause. These issues also make each other worse if left untreated, so it is important to address everything all at once. Common mental health issues that are seen alongside addiction include:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Panic disorders
    • Schizoaffective disorders
    • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
    • Mood disorders
    • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Eating disorder
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder

    The Serenity Oaks dual diagnosis plan will take all aspects of your physical, mental, and emotional health into account as you work through integrated therapy sessions and treatments, with psychiatric medications introduced if they are needed. All treatment will be provided by caring and compassionate mental health and addiction professionals.


    Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a treatment for PTSD that operates under the idea that the brain becomes stuck when trauma occurs, becoming unable to process the memory correctly. With a combination of eye movements and/or audio tones and a specified type of therapy, patients will be able to reprocess the memory as the brain is placed in a state of dual awareness. This will cause the memory to stop being psychologically disturbing.

    Relapse Prevention

    Relapse prevention is an important issue to cover while alcohol and drug addicts are still in rehab. Patients, therapists, counselors and case workers will work together to create a plan that includes:

    • Learning the symptoms of relapse
    • Strategies for dealing with stress and triggers
    • What to do if you feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol again
    • Places you can go when times are difficult
    • People you can turn to for help
    • Continued connections to therapists, doctors and other addiction workers long after rehab is over
    • Introductions to sober community groups and peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous
    • Alumni group meetings and support for sober social connections and accountability
    • Referrals to trusted sober living homes

    Coping techniques are taught because addiction is not magically cured after rehab is over. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that can be managed through careful planning and support.

    Life Skills Training

    Alcohol and drug addiction can completely take over a person’s life, causing them to miss out on things that other people may take for granted. A life skills program during addiction treatments will provide patients with important skills needed to live a healthy independent life, including things like time management, healthy eating, personal hygiene, and financial literacy. Filling in these gaps can make all the difference in a person’s life experience once rehab is complete.

    Vocational Training

    Like life skills, vocational skills are often taken for granted by those who learned them early in life. When a person’s life is run by addiction, entering the workforce may not have been a priority, so skills like self-management, resume building and interviewing may feel like a mystery. A vocational training program in drug addiction treatment will give a full overview on how to look for, apply to, and stay at a job, allowing patients to live financially independent lives after their inpatient rehab program is complete.

    Group Therapy

    Group therapy is the term for any type of therapy run by one or more trained therapists or counselors in a rehab program, with several patients together, discussing one theme or issue. There are group discussions, information sessions, and brainstorming sessions, with all participants having an opportunity to talk and practice active listening and communication skills as they work through issues together like addictive behaviors, family issues, anger management, or relapse prevention. Groups provide a welcoming space and let participants know they are not alone in their struggles, provide new perspectives on issues, and create a supportive environment filled with empathetic peers.

    Experiential Therapy

    Experiential therapy works in addiction treatment centers as it helps patients re-experience emotions by using expressive tools and activities to pull focus as they discuss situations from their past. This helps the patient see things in a new light, combining the happy or neutral emotions that come with the experience and bodily engagement with emotional release. Common types of experiential therapy include:

    • Acting or role-playing exercises
    • Music therapy
    • Animal-assisted therapy
    • Art therapy
    • Play therapy
    • Adventure therapy
    • Outdoor therapy

    One on One Therapy

    One-on-one therapy for drug or alcohol addiction is an important piece of most addiction recovery programs. You will meet with your therapist and discuss any issues in your life that are causing difficulty, distress, or trouble. You may also work with your therapist to create and achieve goals in your life, learn new coping skills and sobriety tools, and work through emotions and pain, improving your overall quality of life.

    Family Therapy

    Family therapy is the name for any type of therapy that involves two or more family members. When it comes to substance abuse treatments, family members may get together with the addicted person to work through emotions, pain, and conflicts, including poor communication, lack of understanding, guilt, shame, and other intense emotions. The family members may also get together without the addicted person to learn more about addiction and to learn new ways to help their loved one while learning to avoid problematic behaviors like enabling or codependency.

    Trauma Informed Therapy (After PTSD)

    Trauma-informed therapy during drug treatment is crucial for many people struggling with a substance use disorder, as drug and alcohol addicts have likely been through difficult, scary, and traumatizing situations in their lives. Whether it was witnessing an overdose, having a medical emergency themselves, or having issues with authority figures or the law, difficult life situations can create real trauma.

    The doctors, nurses, administrators, addiction specialists and other care providers at Serenity Oaks all operate under a trauma-informed scope. This means that they know the signs of trauma, and take great care to ensure patients do not need to suffer re-traumatization. This type of care looks like:

    • Getting consent before moving forward with any treatment
    • Allowing patients to ask questions, and then answering truthfully
    • Ensuring each patient feels comfortable and safe throughout their time in rehab
    • Empowering each patient in their own treatments through collaboration and trust
    • Keeping decision making transparent and open

    Physical Fitness

    Exercising, moving your body, stretching, learning about nutrition, and improving your mind-body connection can promote strength, healing, and lasting recovery. Drug and alcohol treatment centers often provide exercise and wellness programs of some kind because it can distract from cravings, reduce stress, and provide structure to the day. Joining a sports team, fitness class, or yoga class can help patients create new sober friendships.

    Off Site Activities

    Inpatient rehab is structured, with daily routine and stability. Although this is an excellent environment to help create new habits and behaviors, you may wish to have a change of scenery after a few weeks. For this reason, many treatment plans will allow for off-site activities. These are usually group outings to nearby nature spots like beaches or hiking paths, or sober-friendly activities to help remind people that there are plenty of fun sober ways to enjoy life.

    Why Choose Serenity Oaks

    Serenity Oaks alcohol and drug rehab center offers full support and care, with personalized treatment to each client. We provide:

    • Behavioral treatments
    • Individual therapy
    • Medical detox plans
    • Dual diagnosis treatments
    • Life skills programs
    • Coping tools
    • Education groups
    • Holistic treatments
    • Group therapy and peer support
    • Sober support system
    • Alumni group support

    We provide a safe and open environment of communication, collaboration, and comfort. We will meet you at your level, getting to know you as an individual and doing all we can to help you stop using substances, remain sober long-term, and live a higher quality of life overall.

    Recovery Friendly Attractions near Jacksonville

    Tour the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

    370 Zoo Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32218

    The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens sits on a beautiful 122 acre property at the Mouth of the Trout River near where it joins the St. Johns River.  The zoo is home to over 2,000 animals and 1,000 plant species.  Exhibits include Plains of East Africa, The Australian Outback, African Forest, and Wild Florida. The zoo actively participates in more than 95 species survival plans and 50 national and international animal conservation initiatives.  

    Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

    829 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207

    The Cummer Museum was founded in 1958 and is the largest fine art museum in northeast Florida.  The museum houses a core collection of over 5,000 works of art.  The museums historic gardens create a beautiful setting along the St. Johns River.  

    Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve

    12713 Ft Caroline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225

    The Timucuan reserve is comprised of 46,000 acres of wetlands, waterways, and other natural habitats of coastal northeast Florida.  The preserve is managed by the National Park Service and includes many natural and historic sites.  Its a great place for hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming and relaxing on the beach. 

    Riverside Arts Market

    715 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204

    Local artists, artisans, farmers and crafters gather every Saturday at the outdoor Riverside Arts Market under the canopy of the Fuller Warten Bridge.  This community event offers entertainment in the form of live music, food trucks, and even free yoga, all with a view of the beautiful St. John’s River.  

    TPC Sawgrass

    110 Championship Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

    TPC Sawgrass is a mecca for golf lovers. Its the home of the PGA tour headquarters and hosts The Player’s Championship every year in March.  Situated in Ponte Vedra Beach, southeast of Jacksonville, the spectacular 415 acre course also boasts a posh hotel, restaurant and spa. 

    TIAA Bank Field

    1 TIAA Bank Field Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32202

    The home of the Jacksonville Jaguars hosts more than just football games.  The stadium also features swimming pools, cabanas, local food spots, beautiful murals and the largest video boards in the world.  Check it out on game days or any Saturday during a guided tour. 


    At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, we offer residential detox treatment with a wide range of modalities to address the needs of all our clients. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures everyone that enters our facility gets the personal attention they need and deserve for a safe and successful detox process. To learn more about our program, contact Serenity Oaks Wellness Center today at 844-720-6847.

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