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Why Does the Truth Hurt So Much?

Why Does the Truth Hurt So Much?

Nov 21, 2018 | QA, Recovery

The truth hurts because it makes us confront something to which we’ve been in denial. Think about when you first entered the rehab or your first AA or NA meeting. You might have felt dejected, angry, ashamed or any number of other emotions. The truth can hurt because you feel exposed.

Perhaps you don’t want to feel at fault, but when the truth roles in with the tide, you can be pulled down by the undercurrent of denial. Addiction is rampant with denial—it’s the cell, the lock and key—all in one. It’s a scary feeling. You’ve lost your footing, it can be hard to breathe. Now, you think, what am I going to do? You may not want to face the truth and think, How can I get out of this? The thing is, you can’t get out of it. It’s already seeped into your psyche.

You may have heard the expression, the only way out is through. Whatever it is that you are afraid of, is what you have to face. In matters of addiction, you used all your energy trying to fool others and yourself that you didn’t have a problem. Shame hurts, acceptance hurts, but now that the truth is out, there’s this great spirited thing called hope!

In addition to facing the truth of an addiction, you may one day realize you are a trauma survivor. When horrific things happen, your body uses its coping mechanisms. It takes the event by the hand and pulls it into the recesses of your mind, so you don’t have to feel it. When working with a therapist on addiction issues, you might release a few memories. They could float up and pop. Oh my God, this can’t be true, I hate this thought, what am I ever going to do to get rid of these terrible feelings? The truth hurts because it can feel like the unknown— unknown waters, unknown territory, quicksand, and tidal waves.

When the truth hurts, acknowledge it. Work with a therapist to understand all its parameters, consequences and meaning. The more you face the truth, the less it will hurt. Depending upon its scope, healing from emotional pain can take time, just like recovery from an addiction. The two can be interwoven, but you can take all the time you need. That’s because you are alive and in recovery and moving forward with your valuable life.

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