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What Exactly Does My Thinking Have to do with My Drinking?

What Exactly Does My Thinking Have to do with My Drinking?

Jul 31, 2018 | Alcohol Addiction, QA

The thoughts that spin in an alcoholic mind can be rather disheartening. In fact, people in recovery programs have been heard stating that “their brain is out to get them”. The reason why the alcoholic brain is important to call out in this capacity is because without stating the obvious, you may continue to listen to your head rather than listen to reason.

Trying to get relief from the negative thinking that the disease of alcoholism tries to make you believe can either come from the bottle or from the solution in your recovery. You can decide between the two choices, but hopefully you will steer clear from trying to drown your sorrows in alcohol. When you listen to the voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough or yet another drink will make you feel better, you are listening to lies that are trying to persuade you to drink again.  

“Stinking thinking” is a phrase that has been used for decades in Alcoholics Anonymous that denotes the thinking that would lead someone back to drinking alcohol with their self-destructive thought process. The mind can play tricks on people who have a problem with alcohol when they experience “strange mental blank spots” that lead them right back to drinking. Although consuming alcohol may have led you into some really dangerous situations, many drinkers seem to have amnesia about what happens to them when they drink alcoholically.

They may have gotten to the bottom of the barrel due to their drinking and stopped for a period a time, but these “strange mental blank spots” that are described in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous on page 35, can make someone who suffers from alcoholism forget what happened to them. Instead of playing the tape all the way through, someone with alcoholic thinking might believe they can drink after all. After a period of cessation, they may return to drinking because they have forgotten how bad their life had become when they abused alcohol before.

An important asset to your recovery is never forgetting where you came from in your addiction. By vividly remembering the very situation that brought you to your knees, you have a greater shot at staying sober.  Better yet, keeping those feelings at the forefront of your mind as well, can give you a better defense against relapsing.

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