Our Program

Our extensive 5-week program is developed around the philosophy that our clients are given the opportunity, structure and time to redefine and reclaim their lives as they intended to before addiction took hold.


a.dorn – your soul

Accountability, Acceptance, Abstinence, Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Action and Absolve

Week 1 of our program is based on educational and therapeutic groups that focus on: Accountability, Acceptance, Abstinence, Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Action and Absolve. Clients begin to understand the nature of their addiction both from a genetic and environmental perspective, initiation of accountability for the consequences that have ensued as a result of their addiction and learn the benefits of feeling their feelings as opposed to numbing them.

Dreams, Determined, Disentangle, Disconnect, Deception, Disembarrass and Direction

Week 2 allows clients to look within themselves and the habits that they have formed that have led them down their current path. We will be teaching them research based methods that will be utilized in helping them obtain long term sobriety: Dreams, Determined, Disentangle, Disconnect, Deception, Disembarrass and Direction.

Opportunity, Open, Obliterate, Onward and Observed

Week 3 of our program provides clients with healthy coping skills and feedback on the positive changes they are making in treatment. Our Staff gives each and every client a real opportunity to succeed in recovery based on the client’s individual needs. They will begin to be held accountable by peers and staff and recognized for their growth as they progress: Opportunity, Open, Obliterate, Onward and Observed.

Roots, Reconstructing, Roles, Relationships, Regain, Restoring

Week 4 is an integral part of the program not only focusing on the client but incorporating family dynamics into their program for recovery. Roots, Reconstructing, Roles, Relationships, Regain, Restoring. Addiction is called a “family disease” for good reason. Not only are our clients working through the process of recovery, families also need education and assistance dealing with the disease that most often ravages entire families. Our educational groups and support programs are geared to facilitate new boundaries, stop enabling behaviors, learn healthy communication and allow a new beginning for the family unit. With our guidance, care and support clients and families will work through the chaos they have experienced and begin to rebuild trusting relationships and eliminating unhealthy ones. The family program is one of the most crucial piece of treatment, helping to create the strongest foundation for the client to thrive in recovery.


Week 5 of our program is spent preparing our clients to Navigate to the next phase of sober life. The changes made in treatment require practice. Regaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle means learning to live differently from what has become their norm.

Staying connected with others in recovery is one of the healthiest ways to maintain sobriety. Clients will be paired up as a mentor for incoming clients to help alleviate some of their discomfort that comes with new beginnings in unfamiliar circumstances. Whether they choose to be part of a structured support program or informal support network our services and resources at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center will provide them with answers and wisdom needed to maximize their chance of obtaining and maintaining long term sobriety.

Our Program offers

Our personalized treatment plans are skillfully implemented by highly trained therapists and based on the “12-Step Program.” We take a holistic approach that not only treats the addiction, but also heals the mind, body and spirit.

Our medical and clinical staff work in conjunction with one another to identify and treat clients with possible dual-diagnoses.


We offer our clients a comprehensive medical treatment customized for each of their needs. Our experienced medical staff will assess all aspects of the client’s profile to customize a protocol, which will be used to address any relevant and specific issues that require management during the client’s stay at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center.


The clinical staff at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is committed to individualized treatment plans. Our staff utilizes many different modalities in order to motivate and assist our clientele. These range from Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy which places the locus of control within the client to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which will assist the client with coping skills, increased self-efficacy and decreased probability of relapse. Our educational groups will bring awareness to both the client and their family on the stages of change, family systems, and enabling behaviors among a host of other issues that the family unit and client have been dealing with. Our staff has an open door policy for clientele struggling in the moment, and for brief interventions as needed.

Life Skills

Our clients will learn basic hygiene, budgeting, time management, job-seeking skills and resume building. Nutritional classes are offered daily, educating the client on the intrinsic connection between the mind and body


Social interaction and exercise are important elements of recovery. We offer our clients a setting which allows for activity programs geared towards all intensity levels.

Holistic Therapy

Meditation, acupuncture, and yoga are just some of the holistic therapies we offer designed to naturally restore mind, body and spirit.



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